Imperfect source codes: faders

I have written many programs to accomplish a specific task. I haven’t published them before because I thought they’re too specific and I should make them more generic… which isn’t going to happen soon because that’s a lot of work to polish a quick hack into a framework. However, the beauty of open source is that you can quickly hack my quick hack and make it useful in your use case, or clean it up and actually make it a serious thing (or I’ll do it when I retire). Whatever you do, it’s better than my work being wasted because of perfectionism.

faders-midi-osc-router started as x18faders when I wanted to control Behringer XR18 (X18 in rack case) using a MIDI controller. I also wanted the controller’s motorized fader to move on scene load or when mixer setting was changed from another device (tablet with X Air app). It was used during one concert of the band I play in - Maha Fixum (after which I understood that using a digital mixer doesn’t give me enough freedom in making experimental music - i.e. I needed to change source code each time we were repatching our studio signal flow)

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