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Personal projects


  • Inferno-AoIP - unofficial implementation of Dante protocol (audio over IP)
    • currently implemented - recording from Dante devices to audio file
    • in alpha stage - recording and playback with PipeWire, making it open source alternative to Dante Virtual Soundcard, compatible with Linux and other free and open operating systems
    • coming soon - recording and playback with ALSA
    • coming later - ability to be a clock leader (PTP master), making it open source alternative to Dante Via (other notable feature of Dante Via - inter-app-routing - is already implemented by PipeWire and JACK)
  • SignalDub - modular multimedia processor


  • FreeTaper - audio recorder daemon
  • Faders - MIDI+OSC router - see the story behind it
  • RDS PS text generator scriptable in Python - for FM radio stations
    • will be released sooner or later
  • FFSpy & AudioTimeMachine - FFmpeg-based recorder script & “thin server” architecture web player for listening to an audio signal (e.g. internet or FM radio, audio surveillence) from the past
    • will be released sooner or later
  • hrtrx - High Reliability Transceiver - wrapper around open source VPN, FEC (forward error correction, e.g. SRT, UDPspeeder), corporate firewall bypass tools (e.g. wstunnel, udp2raw) and bonding solutions (e.g. glorytun, SRT) for easy setup of reliable data transmission channels
    • conceiving, no code yet


Company projects

  • avplumber - make your own libav processing graph
    • avplumber is a graph-based modular environment for processing video & audio streams, raw or encoded. Frames or packets can be processed using nodes. Nodes for common tasks are provided, most of them based on FFmpeg libraries (libav). It’s also fairly easy to write custom ones in C++.


  • NanoDroid and Haystack - contributions to tools which make possible to use microG services instead of Google Play Services on Android smartphones.
  • Statime PTP daemon - dirty hack to implement PTPv1 follower (slave) clock